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Idea and Mobile App development

 Ideas are always precious. Innovative ideas are much more precious. This is proved by many inventions so far: IBM with PC computing, Microsoft with Windows, Apple with iPhone and iPad, Google with Google Search Engine.


And what about in mobile app development? Many apps have gain great success because of their differences. Flipboard newspapers readers, Evernote apps, and the hitting games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Bird. Idea to create that apps is not complex, it’s very simple. But the point is, the idea make the app different from same kind apps. That’s key for for success.


When smart mobile devices become closer to our normal life, the simple but helpful in practical activities is more likely to be successful. Before Flipboard was born, people usually read newspapers with web browser to access news site. They may face many disturbance with news sites that no support mobile devices, or they have to drag the page back and forth, because of the page is too much for a small mobile phone screen. Flipboard removes that disadvantages, and now, pages of newspapers are reorganized professionally. Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird are totally different from recent games, which are complicated and ask players to think so much. Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird succeeded because they are easy to play, simple and good at entertaining, which is really suitable for mobile devices.